Thursday, 28 April 2011

THE END!! Last VOSA test

Well its all over.... i finally got my MOT, no more tests for 3 years... YIPEEEE!

Check out the mufflers I borrowed to get it through the noice test!!! .... nearly time to hit the open road!

Time to put her back to her original spec!

Cool as! not..... strange country we live in... the Yanks must be laughing thier heads off!
I probably wont be posting to much more on my blog about my bike now shes finished, but all you guys building Lo Boys feel free to post, email me anytime and I will add to the site..... Who knows it might be time to build something else in 6 months time... arrivederci

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Sporty

Here are some better pics of my Ironhead up for sale and going on Ebay shortly.....

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Different Regs in the States!!

Moe in South Carolina says............Just a few updates.... got everything titled (without horn, turn signal, speedo and loud drag pipes) no inspections in SC! Added a white strip to the rear finder. What do you think, not sure if I want to add anything to the tank? By the way I went and got an eight inch rear fender over the six incer that came with the kit. My daughter doesn't like me to fire it up "its to loud". Yours is looking very sexy keep up the good work and be safe people on bikes are invisible to others in cars it would seem!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hey bud its nick again finally figured out a color scheme gonna go lime green and and white with those white walls... let me know what u think? how much did u pay for ur paint if u dont mind me asking..thanks again Nick

Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Ironheads for Sale £3000

Well ive got my Sportster back and have deceided to sell it and use the money for another project.

Anyone whos interested drop me an email. I will take £3000.

The engines been completeley rebuilt by Hawg Haven in Norwich...... so she will need running in.

Just to give you an idea, they have rebuilt all the bottom end (and fitted) and overhauled i.e: Oil pump, gear box, re shimmed the cams. Replacing all the necessary seals, retaining clips etc....
The top end: Honed the bores for piston clearance and gapped the rings. They also replaced valve guides and rocker seals etc... plus reseating exhaust and inlet valves. A new battery, front tyre and some electrics too.
Shes a kick start and sounds lovely... cant beat the sound of the ironhead engine. (1000cc).
Shes has a new MOT, and is taxed for 6 months. Cost £120 to insure for 12 months.. plus cheap Tax.
The bikes very original and very clean for a 1970, but, it would also make a fantastic doner bike for a bobber.
I always fancied hard tailing the bike and going for this Street Bobber look!

Taken last summer before the engine re-build

Think id change the colour if i kept it.

When it was in California


Complete engine rebuild.... dont ask how much!!


Monday, 11 April 2011

VOSA test 2

I have carried out most of the failure items picked up by VOSA. I have now mounted the tail light on the back mud guard along with the indicators.... ive also mounted a parking light on the front. My Ironhead Sportsters back next week so i will borrow the mirrors off that to get it through the test. The exhaust noice im still working on.!!!!!!

I had to remove the sissy bar to work the indicators... but it will be going back on!

Small 12 Volt parking light.... dont think ill ever use it!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Moes Bike

Moe in South Carolina has finished his Bike and it looks Fantastic.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

VOSA test day

I took the bike down to the VOSA test station in Norwich yesterday and as suspected she failed on a number of items:

First was the exhaust noise, im going to have to fit bigger baffles to get round this one... i think 99 decibels is the max and i was up to 120!!

Next was my new mirrors! They are to small so I will buy a Harley set.. they have to contain a 78mm disc.

Next was the rear indicators, they have to be within 300mm of the back wheel.. i can fix this easily for the retest.

Next was the side mount tail light and number plate holder... they don’t like anything that sticks out!.. this will have to be refitted to the rear fender for my return.

O yes ...last was a white parking light (don’t ask me why...) its an easy fix, i will buy a small white light and micro switch and mount it under the front forks. Strange because i dont plan on leaving the bike outside in the dark with a light on!!

Anyway, that was it… the guy who did the test was a good chap... he was happy with the design and the construction, breaks, speedo, horn, headlamp, emissions etc and the bike ran really well on the day. The test took about an hour and you have to go on a roller for the break and speedo test. Overall not to bad, I now know what to fix before a retest probably in about a month.